NoTuition.TV explores the how and why of music creation mixed with in depth interviews.  Producer/host Jamie Bonk examines songwriting, studio production, performance and their related craft with an emphasis on helping the viewer develop their own unique artistic expression.

Jamie Bonk – Bio

Jamie Bonk (Fall 2012) - 1Jamie Bonk is a Canadian guitarist/songwriter living in Vancouver, BC.  He has independently produced six full length albums, two EPs and two singles of his own original music.  To date, Jamie’s music has been played on over 700 radio stations worldwide and has been heard on Pandora, Spotify, Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Radio, AEI Music, DMX USA, DMX Canada, Music Choice, Music Choice Europe, DX Radio Network, Galaxie/ExpressVu and Echo Star.  As well, airlines such as Asiana, TWA, US Airways, American, America West, Canadian and Air Canada have programmed his music.

Jamie was a pro audio consultant for Apple (2005 to 2010) and for three and a half years was on the faculty of Metalworks Institute.  A former contributing editor for Zone Music Reporter, his artist-to-artist conversation series featured many top name artists in the contemporary instrumental genre.  His educational background includes a B.Mus in Composition (Queen’s University) in addition to jazz and classical guitar studies.

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